A friend suggested I continue my chimeric female sculpture series with an angel. As usual I started with a concept sketch and adapted it along the way. This piece took much longer than I had anticipated, and I actually ran out of time. Based on my experience with the mermaid mug and the water bearer, I didn't bother adding a whole lot of detail to the face since most of it gets obscured by the glaze.

Somehow a crack line formed along the base of the neck after the first bisque. Fortunately however, the ceramics shop owner was able to apply the glaze in such a way that the crack is virtually unnoticeable. The name of the glaze is "Sky Barley."

I also noticed that the fluted shape of the vase makes the plant stems slant considerably to either side. To correct this I sculpted an ornate stem holder that would rest within the vase. This wasn't part of the original design, but I think it makes the piece more functional and interesting. (Note: The first three pics below are without the stem holder.)





Ornate stem holder








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