In Greek mythology, Pegasus was sired by Poseidon and sprang from the gorgon Medusa's blood upon being decapitated by Perseus. The loyal Pegasus carried thunderbolts from Olympus to Zeus until he was tamed by Bellerophon and assisted the hero in slaying the Chimera. Like dragons, mythological winged or flying horses are also present in other cultures: Buraq in Islam, Chollima in Korea, Tianma in China, and the steed of the Norse Valkyries. I think the concept of flying horses were naturally to early man what our vision is today for flying cars. Artistically, this majestic creature evokes beauty, strength, and freedom. My first attempt at Pegasus shattered during the bisque firing (see clay version below), so I sculpted a second larger, and I think a much improved version. As always, thanks to the Ceramic Art Studio and Shop, where I am given both guidance and the freedom to explore my creative outlet.








Pegasus - first version which shattered during bisque firing.


Concept sketch

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