This sketch of Bodhi (beagle - mix?) was made using a 4B pencil.

Bodhi Beagle

One of my favorite films of all time is Richard Donner's Superman starring Christopher Reeve, a man born to play the part. This is a quick charcoal sketch based on the Chasing Rockets scene.

Chasing Rockets - Christopher Reeve


In 1990, I was commissioned to draw a lighthouse in ink. These were the days before high quality digital cameras, so I crudely photocopied the 36 inch drawing in multiple segments for my records before I delivered it to my client.


I did these sketches in high school. Stewart Copeland and Michael Jackson (unfinished).

Stewart Copeland

Michael Jackson

I started sketching dogs for my friend Cat (my friend, not an allegory). These are all either charcoal or pencil. 

Jo Jo Beagle

Jojo (Beagle)


Calloway Lab

Calloway (Lab)


Australian Sheep dog

Ruby Doo (Australian Shepherd)


Scooby (Great Dane)


Tuco Chihuahua

Tuco (Chihuahua)