Did a little paper folding based on designs of some of the world's best origami artists. John Montroll is my favorite, and I've even memorized a few of his models. This time however I decided to try some others for a change of pace. From left to right: Nicolas Gajardo (Horse - Pink), Robert Lang (Blue Shark), Komatsu Hideo (Horse - Yellow), and Noboru Miyajima (Dog).

A while ago I got into model ship building and in the process sculpted two figureheads (note the difference in the sword and facial features) and some ornaments (a cathead, a stern relief, and a miniature cello and violin which were carved out of African mahogany). I ended up converting the first figurehead into a desk piece. For more photos and information about my first model ship build, check out my HMS Surprise Build Blog.

Over the years I've carved a lot of Halloween pumpkins, mostly for work related parties or contests. My primary tool has always been a Swiss army knife, but I've also used wood chisels in my last two pumpkins to add more details.



Goblin Pumpkin - Swiss army knife


Halloween pumpkin

Skull Pumpkin (Lit) - Swiss army knife


Skull Pumpkin - Swiss army knife


halloween pumpkin

 Contemplation of Mortality Pumpkin - Swiss army knife and drill (for the pupil)


halloween pumpkin

Contemplation of Mortality Pumpkin (Side 1)


halloween pumpkin

Contemplation of Mortality Pumpkin (Side 2)


halloween pumpkin

Ghoulish Pumpkin - Swiss army knife and chisel


halloween pumpkin

Demonic Pumpkin (Side 1) - Swiss army knife and chisel


halloween pumpkin

Demonic Pumpkin (Side 2)


My carving process. I based this pumpkin on a picture of a demon I found on the internet. The thickness of the pumpkin dictates the amount of detail I am able to add.  I've seen some very cool pumpkins carved by real professionals on the web - amazing what can be done with this versatile fruit.


At my last company I won the annual Halloween pumpkin carving contest 4 years in a row. I left in my fifth year just two months before Halloween. (They gave me a new trophy with the spelling error corrected for 2013)


Four time repeat Halloween Pumpkin Carving Champion 2010 - 2013.

Random Play-Doh sculptures I made during a Disney business seminar on creativity and innovation.


Possibly my only abstract work of art - a geometric study using magnetic balls.